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Baseball Academies offer Comprehensive Baseball Skill Development



Hitters rotate through a series of supervised stations, including batting cages, each designed to teach a different piece of hitting. Players enjoy participating in hitting games and unique drills used by the nation’s top high school and college programs and developed by Bloomfield Baseball advisory staff. The program is designed to improve pitch and strike-zone recognition, timing, balance, quickness, power, situational hitting, bunting and other aspects. Young hitters build an invaluable foundation and a thorough understanding of the swing, while experienced players cover advanced topics, such as hitting different pitches to different fields.


Fielding and Base Running

Our fielding and base-running program will improve the skills of infielders and outfielders of any age. Fielding drills and instruction cover areas such as stance, positioning, footwork, anticipation and reaction, ground balls and fly balls, backhands, double plays, bunt coverage, cutoff-relays, rundowns, bag coverage, game situations, communication, and more. Base-running instruction includes: improving quickness and speed with proper running technique, getting out of the box, lead-offs, stealing, reading the pitcher, rounding bases, sliding, and game situations.


Throwing and Catching • Pitchers

Players will work under the supervision of coaches who can help with all aspects of throwing and catching, from fundamentals and mechanics to more advanced drills and concepts. Drills and repetition will help players improve on their throwing and catching skills, allowing them to begin the season in mid-season form.


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About the Academies

Bloomfield Baseball League Academies are led by and support Sting teams as they prepare for tournaments. 

Academies are held throughout the year and offer players a chance for intensive skill development.