• What equipment will my player need?

Click here for details.

  • What should my player wear?

Click here for details.

  • How old does my child need to be to play with the league?

Players as young as four can start playing baseball with our Shetland division.

  • In what division will my child play?

Pre-K ~ Shetland division

Kindergarten ~ Parent choice of Shetland or Pinto Jr. division. Pinto Jr is for players with some baseball experience.

1st/2nd grade ~ Pinto I/II (separate for Spring Season depending on registration; combined for Summer Season)

3rd/4th grade ~ Mustang III/IV (separate for Spring Season depending on registration; combined for Summer Season)

5th/6th grade ~ Bronco

7th/8th grade ~ Pony

9th/10th grade ~ Colt

11th/12th grade ~ Palomino

Learn more about each division including the season start times, costs, and type of play by visiting this page.

  • Is baseball experience required?

No. We welcome players with all levels of experience to our recreational league.

  • Where are the games and practices?

Most games and practices are on Bloomfield Hills Schools fields. Click here for a list of the fields we use along with field status and maps.  Teams are assigned a home field, but games and some practices will be scheduled on fields across the district, not just one field.  Older players (generally 5th and up) play with nearby leagues and have some games on fields in nearby communities.   Note that Bloomfield Hills Schools field usage is by permit only.

  • What are the rules by division?

Please visit this page for the rules.

  • What guidelines are in place related to COVID-19?

Guidelines are updated based on current state orders and directives.  Please visit this page regularly for the most recent guidelines.

  • What is the refund policy?

We are unable to offer refunds.